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Clearance sale of old Stock

Greepers regularly introduces improvements to the design of the laces - new pull tab, longer laces etc. We have some older stock that has some of the old design features, however, these laces still are in perfect working order and carry our usual product quality guarantee.

There are  limited selecetion of colours in the sports range avaiable for £5.00 inc VAT.

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Best wishes to all our customers for 2016!


(Peter Greedy, Inventor and Owner of Greepers)


Latest News

Thomas has arrived!

We are very excitied to annouce that Greepers has launched "Thomas Greepers"! These Greepers feature Thomas the Tank Engine on the toggle of the laces.

This is an exclusive three party agreement between Greepers Ltd, The National Autistic Society and HiT Entertainment Ltd (owners of the Thomas and Friends Brand).

In this exclusive agrement Greepers Ltd makes a signficant contribution for every pair of these Greepers sold direct to The National Autistic Society.

Only £7.95!

Order your Thomas Greepers here.


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